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Yazd Province, Iran

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    Iran, Yazd


Yazd Luxury Tour (with Desert Tour)

Yazd province, is surrounded by the central is mountains in Iran. Shirkuh Mountainous Range with an elevation of 4075 m is the highest mountain southwest of Yazd Province but the northern and northeastern parts of the region are composed of flat lowlands and salty marshes. Yazd Province is one of the driest regions in the country and is full of barren deserts. The Province has arid and hot weather because it is too far from Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman and the damp winds blowing from them, but lofty Shirkuh Mountainous Range has moderated the climate. Except the Shirkuh territory the other parts of the Province are hot deserts. Yazd Province enjoys short cold winters from October until February and long hot and dry summers from March until September.


Yazd Province was an ancient region in Iran in which one can find primate tools belonging to Ilamite Period. The ancient objects left in caves show that urbanization began in Mehriz, Fahraj, Yazd, Rostaq, Meybod and Ardekan from 3rd millennium BC. During their passage through Yazd the migrating from Balkh to Pars called it ‘The Land of Yazdan’ (God’s region) and since then it became a sacred province. During the Achaemenid Period Yazd Province was connected to the other parts of empire by highways and postal stations. Qobad, Anoushirvan and Yazdgerd of Sassanid Dynasty contributed much to its development.

After Arab invasion they conquered Yazd Province too, but the Deylam Dynasty succeeded to push the Arabs out of the region during the 10th and 11th century. After that many Alavi partisans moved to Yazd to escape persecution from the Sunni caliphs. During the Seljuk Period the Atabaks (feudal governors) established friendly relation with reigning Seljuks to save the region from ruin and contributed much to its development. During Mongol invasion Sultan Abu Mansour pretended he obeyed them to protect Yazd from molestation. As a consequence the Province grew twice its former size and became a busting economic center in the country. After conquering Iran, Timur treated the peaceful inhabitants of Yazd kindly. Shahrokh, Timur’s son, assigned Amir Jalaloldin as governor of Yazd. Jalaloldin treated the people kindly and built many important buildings. During the 15th century Shah Ismaeel of Safavid Dynasty dismissed feudal governors and brought the whole country under his rule.

Ashraf the Afghan who had defeated the last Safavid king tried to conquer Yazd but the people resisted and repelled his troops, but Mahmud, his Successor , conquered the city and massacred many people. Nader Shah expelled the Afghans and appointed Enayat Sultan, his nephew, as governor of Yazd. Enayat and his descendants governed Yazd until the end of Qajar Period and built many new buildings and contributed to the regions development.



  • Leisure in the desert. Deserts are mysterious lands that travel to them can be considered as one of the most exciting and, at the same time, most mysterious trips.
  • Spending lunch at Moshir al-Mamalek. Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel is an old garden remained from the Qajar Era.
  • Visit the Zartoshtiyan fireplace. The fire of this fire was not extinguished for 1500 years.
  • Dolat Abaad Garden. This place is a Persian architecture jewel which annually attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Iran.
  • Visit the Khan Market and Bath complex. Khan complex is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments in the historic city of Yazd, which dates back to the era of Nasser-al-Din Shah.
  • See The Amir Chakhmagh Complex. It also contains a mosque, caravanserai, tekyeh, a bathhouse, a cold water well, and a confectionery.
  • Khan-e Lari Yazd. This 150-year-old building is one of the best-preserved Qajar-era houses in Yazd.






  • Local support
  • Round trip Airplane transfer
  • 6 Night accommodation in a luxury hotel.
  • Full catering during the tour.
  • An excellent gift from Shiraz handcrafts at the end of tour.
  • Travel insurance





  • Any alcohol
  • There is no program for tourism as desired and should be coordinated with the Tour Leader team for all possible commutes.
  • If you want to make changes to the tour, you should ask us before registering.
  • If the desired tourist destination is not available for any reason on the given date, another place at the same level of value will be placed in the program.




- Arrive at Imam Khomeini Airport
- Transfer to Espinas Palace,Laleh or Azadi Hotel of Tehran by the Iran Easy Tourism Team
- Meet the Tour Leader team to provide tour program
- Breakfast is served from 7 to 8:30 am
- Flight to Yazd from MehrAbad airport
- Transfer to Hotel(Dad, Moshir, Fahadan, Malek-o-Tojar or Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel) in Yazd
- lunch is served at Moshir restaurant of Moshir Garden
- Visit Zoroastrian Fire Temple
- Dinner is served at Hotel
- Breakfast is served from 7 to 8:30 am
- Visit the Dowlat Abad Garden‌ until 1 pm
- Eating lunch at Yazd Hall until 2:30 pm
- Visit the Khan Complex & Bazaar
- Return to the hotel for dinner
- Breakfast is served from 7 to 8:30 am
- Visit the Amir Chakhmaq Complex until 2 pm
- Eating lunch at Khan Do Had restaurant until 4 pm
- Return to the hotel for rest until 6 pm
- Dine at Khan-e-7Rang Restaurant
- Breakfast is served from 7 to 8:30 am
- Visit the Lariha House until 12:30 pm
- Eating lunch at Malek-o-Tojar restaurant until 2:30 pm
- Visit the Jameh Mosque of Yazd until 4:30 pm
- Shopping at Traditional Copper Manufacturer Bazaar(Market)
- Return to the hotel for rest & dinner
- Breakfast is served from 7 to 8:30 am
- Leisure in the desert(Ardakan, Abarqo or Anjir desert)
- Dining at Adib Almmalk restaurant
- Return to Hotel
- Breakfast is served from 7 to 8:30 am
- Flight to Tehran and transfer to hotel
- Lunch is served at the Hotel
- Visit the Darband Village of Tehran
- Eating dinner at Lo Shato Restaurant and Return to the Hotel
- Transfer to Imam Khomeini airport after breakfast


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    Our trip was perfect in all regards! Our travel agent and his staff were professional, competent, very easy to work with and met all needs and desires. We basically told the city were we wanted to go, Shiraz and Yazd and they took care of the rest. They made many suggestions, presented many options and then consulted with us to discuss our preferences and expectations. Their suggestions maximized our time and experiences in each country as well as our budget. We certainly got the most for our travel dollar!
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$3.380,00 $3.042,00 7 days 7 nights

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