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Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd Economic Tour


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    Iran, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Tehran


Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd Economic Tour

Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd Economic Tour


In old times, Tehran was a relatively big village located between the well-known and big city of Rey and Alborz Mountains. Its name mentioned for the first time in the biography of Mohammad-Ebn-e- Hamad known as Abu Abdollah Hafez-e-Tehrani-ye- Razi born in 817. According to the existing historical resources, the village existed before the expansion of Islam and then has gained the Arabic variant name. Later in recent century, coinciding with the Constitutionalism Movement in which several changes made in literature and writing of Persian language, gradually its written form changed into Tehran with “t” used in Persian alphabet and after establishment of The Academy of Persian Language, the term of Tehran with Arabic “t” entirely abolished.

Sa'dabad Complex



Among the cities of Iran, Isfahan is like a piece of jewelry that despite the historical fluctuations in the area has still retained its luster and glory throughout the centuries. The city is so vibrant that it seems as if it has been born today and yet it is so original that it looks as though it has always existed. The city’s rich culture and beautiful nature are in such perfect harmony that one seems to be a reflection of the other. Isfahan is an ultimate expression of the Iranian-Islamic Culture.

SioSe pol



Fars Province is divided into three regions:
Mountainous north and northwest region with cold winters and suitable herbal coverage; Central parts including Shiraz, Fasa, Firouzabad and Kazeroun which enjoy mild weather in winter and warm and dry weather in summer; And the south and southeastern regions where the mountains dwindle to hills. Rainfall in this region is less in winter than in spring and fall.The weather here is cold in winter and very warm in summer. Fars Province falls at the Zagros Mountain Range. The central western plains are used for Farming but the southern and eastern plains are barren deserts. Most number of the lakes in Iran are located in Fars Province.

Afif Abad Garden



Yazd province, is surrounded by the central is mountains in Iran. Shirkuh Mountainous Range with an elevation of 4075 m is the highest mountain southwest of Yazd Province but the northern and northeastern parts of the region are composed of flat lowlands and salty marshes. Yazd Province is one of the driest regions in the country and is full of barren deserts. The Province has arid and hot weather because it is too far from Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman and the damp winds blowing from them, but lofty Shirkuh Mountainous Range has moderated the climate. Except the Shirkuh territory the other parts of the Province are hot deserts. Yazd Province enjoys short cold winters from October until February and long hot and dry summers from March until September.




  • Visit the most beautiful and historical palaces like : Niavaran Complex, Sa’dabad and Golestan Palace.
  • Visit Darband, formerly village close to Tajrish with pristine nature.
  • Dining in the best restaurants of Tehran with many Iranian delicious food such as : Taj Mahal, Divan, Lo Shato, Shamshiri, Tahdig, Alighapoo Restaurant and Milad Tower revolving restaurant.
  • See the great view of Tehran at the top floor of Milad Tower.
  • Visit the Naqsh Jahan Square, It is now an important historical site, and one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.
  • See Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, one of the architectural masterpieces of Iranian architecture.
  • Visit the Naqsh Jahan Square, Handicrafts and Horse & Carriage Riding.
  • Visit Ali Qapu, a grand palace in Isfahan.
  • Watch the beautiful lighting of the Khaju and Siose Pol Bridge at the evening.
  • Also visit old and beautiful places like:Chehel Sotoun Palace,  Vank Cathedral.
  • Visit Tomb of Hafez. Hafezieh is one of the most visiting sites in Iran.
  • Visit the tomb of cyrus the Great was formerly a royal garden and was built by cyrus himself.
  • See Perspolis in Marvdasht plain was constructed during the reign of darius.
  • Visit the Eram Garden.This located at the northern shore of the Khoshk River in the Fars province.
  • Visit the Zartoshtiyan fireplace. The fire of this fire was not extinguished for 1500 years.
  • Dolat Abaad Garden. This place is a Persian architecture jewel which annually attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Iran.
  • See The Amir Chakhmagh Complex. It also contains a mosque, caravanserai, tekyeh, a bathhouse, a cold water well, and a confectionery.
  • Khan-e Lari Yazd. This 150-year-old building is one of the best-preserved Qajar-era houses in Yazd.





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  • Round trip Airplane transfer
  • 12 Night accommodation in a hotel.
  • Breakfast & Lunch catering during the tour.
  • Travel insurance





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  • There is no program for tourism as desired and should be coordinated with the Tour Leader team for all possible commutes.
  • If you want to make changes to the tour, you should ask us before registering.
  • If the desired tourist destination is not available for any reason on the given date, another place at the same level of value will be placed in the program.



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