Naghsh-i-Jahan Square

Naghsh-i-Jahan Square

Naghsh-i-Jahan Square – Iran Easy Tourism

Presently called Imam Square, the Naghsh-i-Jahan Square was Constructed during the region of Shah Abbas I in Southern Isfahan with a view to developing the city and which gradually took the place of the Kohneh square. It is believed by many tourists to be one of the superb
squares all across the world containing a unique set of historical monuments. The name is derived from a famous garden of similar name which had existed there prior to the emergence of the square.

The square which is rectangular stands in an area of 500*165m. Except for the monuments all around the square, it is surrounded by two-storied stalls, the ground floor ones are in the form of chambers which chiefly serve as market place for handicrafts and souvenirs the square was of such paramount economic significance that each corner was allocated to a particular profession.

The importance of the square, apart from its beauty and historical values, lies in the unique monuments surrounding it; the Imam Mosque in south, Sheikh Lutfullah Mosque in the east, Ali Qapu Palace in the west and Qaysariya portal in the north, all of which have conduced to the vital political, and socio-economic role of the square in the course of history. the square was used for festivals, military parades and sport
competitions such as polo and shooting in the Safavid era. Nowadays the stone gates in the north and south for polo conjure up its socio-cultural significance in the past.

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