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We are a bunch of techy travel experts on a mission to enrich people’s lives through touring. we work to deliver the best possible advice and tour booking experience to you. Since 2011, the Iran Easy Toursim team has been committed to making the complicated world of touring easy to understand, and we’re excited to share that with our customers.

Our believe

We strongly believe that increasing awareness of the unique ethnic, cultural and geographic traits that together shape and define our global community is just as, if not more important than, providing the vacation of a lifetime.

Iran Easy Tourism Team

Mahdi Zamani, Iran Easy Tourism Employee
Mahdi Zamani


Ehsan Azami, Iran Easy Tourism Employee
Ehsan Azami


Amin Kazemi, Iran Easy Tourism Employee
Amin Kazemi

Head Of Tour Leaders

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Artin Sheykholeslami

Public Relations Officer

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Kamyab Ardani

Customer Support

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Mehran Shiri

Tour Operator

Esmaiil Ebrahimi, Iran Easy Tourism Employee
Esmaiil Ebrahimi

Visa Section